High Performance Flashing Safeguards against Moisture in the Proud Green Home

The primary objective for the wall and roof system of a high-performance home is to provide resistance to weather and wear. The improved ability to withstand the elements is what gives the home higher durability, or resiliency. The envelope of the Proud Green Home of St Louis is designed and constructed accordingly to guarantee that the home will not only resist weather but perform effectively and efficiently.

Physics tells us that wet air will move towards a dry area where it will eventually evaporate. If water gets into the walls of a home and can’t evaporate it becomes trapped inside a wall where it may condense and stay wet, promoting mold growth.The Proud Green Home of St Louis utilizes the ZIP System by Huber and advanced framing to provide a solid, core structure for the home. The panels of the ZIP System are flashed using a high performance, permanent adhesive tape that effectively seals out moisture. Further, we have installed flashing at the foundation to provide additional resistance to moisture and weather.

A closer look at the flashing on the ZIP panels.

A secondary flashing system at the foundation of the home has been installed and designed such that any moisture that may find its way inside the walls has a path to exit and the walls are able to properly dry. When the windows are installed a different flashing system will be used that ties into the ZIP System providing a positive drainage plane as well.

Nontoxic sealants around windows and doors on the interior, durable caulk around the exterior, and foam insulation in door jams tightens the envelope, preventing air leaks, reducing heat transfer, and preventing the home from taking on additional moisture.

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