Affiliates & Sponsors

Contributing to the Midwest Energy Efficiency Research Consortium fuels a legacy of energy efficiency
for years to come.

MEERC works hand-in-hand with affiliates and sponsors exploring all possibilities and synergies to maximize relationship potential, bringing benefit to affiliate member businesses and sponsors while accomplishing the overarching goal of advancing and distributing energy efficient technologies.

The MEERC partnership with the University of Missouri permits unprecedented access to expertise and resources including University of Missouri Extension. This allows MEERC to reach between disciplines and stretch the boundaries of traditional business and academic relationships from that of just research to a fully functional partnership; enabling businesses and other organizations to reach their goals more efficiently by utilizing the support structure of the existing system and regional and national relationships.

MEERC recognizes the importance of affiliate members though recognition and support on many levels.

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Recognitions and Notifications

  • Exclusive access to new research on energy efficiency technologies developed at MEERC
  • Technology display and demonstration of company products/services
  • Name included on the University of Missouri’s annual donor list, capital campaign list, and on MEERC website as a major donor
  • Press release to major media
  • Special invitations to special/major MU MEERC events
  • Mailings about campus activities

Technology Display

MEERC displays affiliate member technology demonstrations and exhibits throughout various facilities. Throughout the year, visitors from all aspects of the energy and lighting industries attend meetings, events, and tours at MEERC. Technology displays are hands-on opportunities for visitors to interact with products and receive an overview of features and benefits.


The MEERC outreach team works with affiliates to identify opportunities that best fit the goals of the relationship. Affiliate products are showcased at trade shows and conferences in MEERC booths and tabletop displays to serve as examples of how to meet energy-efficient lighting best-practice goals. At the higher levels of affiliate support, MEERC staff members lend their event-planning expertise to coordinate meetings and forums on topics selected by affiliate and MEERC leadership.

  • Use of consortium logo on marketing items
  • Business development networking opportunities
  • On-line member directory listing
  • Active voice in technology-specific meetings, conferences, and workshops
  • Proposal inquiry opportunities

Showcase products and services at conferences and workshops

Proposals for New Projects

All affiliate members are encouraged to propose, and will receive priority consideration for, separate research agreements.

Membership Investment

MEERC requests that you consider making a five-year commitment to maximize its efforts and plan into the future for sustained energy efficiency programming. A self-sufficient business model is being employed, with a 5 year goal for each research center. Five levels of membership investment are available.