Research Centers

Multiple centers working together, fueling a movement 
of energy efficiency

MEERC combines decades of experience across technology and application areas of impact under one umbrella with the sole focus of improving energy efficient technologies and distributing information on them throughout the Mid-West and the nation.

Three overarching goals


The primary goal of MEERC is to advance energy efficiency in the Midwest by increasing knowledge and understanding of energy efficiency in business, industry, academia, other agencies and organizations, and the public. This will be accomplished using the resources of this land grant university, collaborating with other organizations.


Assisting energy efficiency business development.


Working with business, industry, academia, other agencies and organizations to develop and advance energy efficient technologies.

MEERC Structure

The technological structure of MEERC consists of research and development, coursework and training, and information distribution work in multiple areas of technology and major energy consuming sectors of the economy in the Midwest. Click on an area for more.

Figure 1
A visualization of the 2012 structure of MEERC. Years shown on nodes are anticipated years for addition to MEERC.

Figure 2

Here, MU participants can be seen in blue, with external individual participants and classes of participants in green.