Research Centers: High Performance Buildings

Education and Advocacy for the business approach to higher quality construction and retrofit of buildings, including rural development/redevelopment.

The High Performance Buildings Research consortium provides advisory assistance and participates in the development of prototype or “showcase homes”. Combining the expertise of the other parts of the Consortium, such as EM&V services, project teams are created, better cost-effective designs are produced and advanced technologies are incorporated into these projects to establish and reach better targets for Building envelope performance, indoor air quality, enhanced equity, etc., etc.

Once completed, the projects can be monitored for performance data (and operator improvements). This information and experience can also be immediately incorporated into the curriculum for EETP training/certification and Degree programs!

Training & consulting services:

  • Project optimization services including for PACE
  • Individual & group client & customer EE training programs
  • Multi-facility owners’ energy monitoring and EE improvement program training and development.
  • Training provided by MU to MEERC partners clientele on behalf of partners.
  • Training and services on energy codes and profitable code compliance by building industry members.

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